Sonic Project

The Mission

All Sonic tunes must be tracked (and tracked accurately)! Our group of covert operatives work ceaselessly, dedicated to this all-important task.

The Tunes

Tunes by sound test number
No.Sonic 2Sonic 3Sonic 3D
01?Angel Island 1Green Grove 1
02Emerald HillAngel Island 2Green Grove 2
03Mystic Cave (2 Player)Hydrocity 1Rusty Ruin 1
04Oil OceanHydrocity 2Rusty Ruin 2
05MetropolisMarble Garden 1Volcano Valley 2
06Hill TopMarble Garden 2Volcano Valley 1
07Aquatic RuinCarnival Night 1Spring Stadium 1
08Casino Night (2 Player)Carnival Night 2Spring Stadium 2
09Casino NightFlying Battery 1Diamond Dust 1
0ADeath EggFlying Battery 2Diamond Dust 2
0BMystic CaveIcecap 1Gene Gadget 1
0CEmerald Hill (2 Player)Icecap 2Gene Gadget 2
0DSky ChaseLaunch Base 1Panic Puppet 2
0EChemical PlantLaunch Base 2The Final Fight
0FWing FortressMushroom Hill 1?
10Hidden PalaceMushroom Hill 2S3D Special Stage
11S2 OptionsSandopolis 1Panic Puppet 1
12S2 Special StageSandopolis 2?
13S2 BadguyLava Reef 1S3D Badguy
14S2 Final BadguyLava Reef 2 (Hidden Palace)S3D Title
15S2 Beh HehSky Sanctuary?
16S2 Super SonicDeath Egg 1S3D Game Over
17S2 InvulnerabilityDeath Egg 2S3D Continue
18S2 Extra LifeBadguyS3D Level Complete
19S2 TitleBadguy 2S3D Extra Life
1AS2 CompleteDoomsday
1BS2 Game OverSpheres Bonus StageS3D Invulnerability
1CS2 ContinueS3 Special StageS3D Options
1DFruit Machine Bonus Stage
1ES2 CreditsGumball Machine Bonus Stage
1FS2 DrowningKnuckles
20Azure Lake
21Balloon Park
22Desert Palace
23Chrome Gadget
24Endless Mine
25S3 Title
26S3 Credits
27S3 Game Over
28S3 Continue
29S3 Level Complete
2AS3 Extra Life
2CS3 Invulnerability
2DS3 Competition Select
2ES3 Zone 1 Badguy
2FS3 Save Menu
30S3 Final Badguy
31S3 Drowning
32S3 Complete

Sonic 1

Sonic 2

Sonic 3

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic 3D

The Tracks

Sonic & KnucklesDoomsdaysk_doomsday.xmKineticXM147542
Sonic & KnucklesDeath Egg 1sk_deathegg1.itKiplingIT38322
Sonic 2Emerald Hills2_emeraldhill.itBruceIT269100
Sonic 2S2 Final Badguys2_final.itBruceIT164626
Sonic 3Hydrocity 1s3_hydrocity.xmHExXM251821
Sonic & KnucklesSky Sanctuarysk_skysanctuary.itKineticIT796343
Sonic & KnucklesLava Reef 1sk_lavareef.itBruceIT111750
Sonic 2Chemical Plants2_chemicalplant.itBruceIT151425
Sonic 3Hydrocity 2s3_hydrocity2.itBruceIT187165
Sonic 1Star Lights1_starlight.itBruceIT101798
Sonic 3DDiamond Dust 1s3d_diamonddust1.xmKiplingXM605897
Sonic 2Mystic Caves2_mysticcave.xmKiplingXM359368
Sonic 1S1 Finals1_final.itKiplingIT85184
Sonic 1Labyrinths1_labyrinth.itKiplingIT50698
Sonic 1Scrap Brains1_scrapbrain.itKiplingIT159529
Sonic 1Green Hills1_greenhill.itBruceIT131559
Sonic 3Balloon Parks3_balloonpark.itKineticIT597389
Sonic 2Aquatic Ruins2_aquaticruin.itKiplingIT439702
Sonic 3DGene Gadget 2s3d_genegadget2.itKiplingIT670758
Sonic 2Casino Nights2_casinonight.itBruceIT77075
Sonic 3Spheres Bonus Stagesk_spheres.itKineticIT292169
Sonic 2Death Eggs2_deathegg.itKineticIT344966
Sonic 3Endless Mines3_endlessmine.itBruceIT139044
Sonic & KnucklesDeath Egg 2sk_deathegg2.itBruceIT51567
Sonic 3Carnival Night 1s3_carnivalnight1.itBruceIT133191
Sonic 3Carnival Night 2s3_carnivalnight2.itBruceIT133180
Sonic 1Marbles1_marble.itBruceIT76690
Sonic 1Spring Yards1_springyard.itBruceIT84058
Sonic 2Mystic Cave (2 Player)s2_mysticcave-2player.itKineticIT436144
Sonic 3Angel Island 2s3_angelisland2.itKineticIT406355
Sonic 3S3 Creditss3_credits.itKineticIT524521
Sonic 3S3 Final Badguys3_final.itKiplingIT518114
Sonic 3Launch Base 1s3_launchbase1.itKineticIT384059
Sonic 3Launch Base 2s3_launchbase2.itKineticIT402558
Sonic 3Marble Garden 1s3_marblegarden1.itKineticIT722988
Sonic & KnucklesFlying Battery 1sk_flyingbattery1.itKineticIT204239
Sonic 3DThe Final Fights3d_final.itKineticIT158972
Sonic 2Metropoliss2_metropolis.itBruceIT336120
Sonic 3Azure Lakes3_azurelake.itBruceIT416184
Sonic 2S2 Special Stages2_specialstage.itBruceIT253343
Sonic & KnucklesKnucklessk_knuckles.itKineticIT183983
Sonic 3Icecap 1s3_icecap1.itKineticIT378993
Sonic 3Icecap 2s3_icecap2.itKineticIT379347
Sonic 3DGreen Grove 2s3d_greengrove2.itKineticIT523701
Sonic 3S3 Save Slot Menus3_savemenu.itKineticIT213176
Sonic 2S2 Optionss2_options.itKineticIT174798
Sonic & KnucklesLava Reef 2 (Hidden Palace)sk_hiddenpalace.itBruceIT246187
Sonic 2Hill Tops2_hilltop.itBruceIT646705
Sonic 2Wing Fortresss2_wingfortress.itKineticIT180094
Sonic 3Marble Garden 2s3_marblegarden2.itBruceIT633405
Sonic 3Angel Island 1s3_angelisland1.itKineticIT580796
Sonic 3Chrome Gadgets3_chromegadget.xmKiplingXM336942
Sonic & KnucklesMushroom Hill 1sk_mushroomhill1.itKineticIT306392
Sonic & KnucklesMushroom Hill 2sk_mushroomhill2.itKiplingIT290971
S3 Invulnerabilitys3_invincibility.itBruceIT56941
S2 Continues2_continue.itBruceIT280095

Or download the lot in a fscking huge tarball (by popular request!).


GameLevelClaimed by
Sonic & KnucklesS&K Special StageKipling
Sonic 3DS3D CreditsBruce
Sonic & KnucklesSandopolis 2Kipling


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